The Building Process

Tassie Homes use the following process when you are looking to build your home.

  1. Discussion
    We sit down and discuss what type of home will suit your lifestyle, block of land, and budget.
  2. Site Inspection
    We will meet at your property to carry out an on-site inspection and provide you with any needed advice you may require as to building location and aspect.
  3. Home Design
    Our draftsmen draw up preliminary plans and discuss final layout and specifications with you.
  4. Budget Estimate
    Based on the proposed home design and specifications discussed we put together a budget estimate.
  5. Deposit
    Upon acceptance of the budget estimate we require a deposit of $7,500.00 to proceed with the preparation of the council approved plans and pre-build process outlined below.
  6. Site Survey, Soil Report, Preliminary Plans
    Upon receiving the deposit, we engage our land surveyors to carry out a site survey and our geo technical consultants to prepare a qualified soil and wind classification. Armed with these our Draftsmen can begin preparing the preliminary plans.
  7. Final Plans
    We present you with your preliminary plans for your approval.
  8. Planning Approval
    Once titles are issued, we can submit your development application to the relevant council. Occasionally the proposal is exempt and does not require planning approval.
  9. Certified Engineer Plans
    Once we have planning approval our Draftsmen prepare the construction plans, which are then sent to the engineer for certification.
  10. Fixed Price Quote & HIA Contract
    Based on the certified engineer plans we can prepare our fixed price quote and draw up the HIA Contract.
  11. Certificate of Likely Compliance
    We apply for the Certificate of Likely Compliance (“CLC”) from a Building Surveyor.
  12. Schedule of Finishes
    At this stage, we will invite you to the display centre to make your new home selections both internally and externally. These are documented on a spreadsheet known as the Schedule of Finishes, which is given to the Project Manager and used as the basis for all orders during construction.
  13. Finance Approval
    We require confirmation of your loan approval, or finance, prior to commencing construction. We advise you to begin this process now so that we are in a position to start building when the Building and Plumbing Permits are issued.
  14. Building and Plumbing Approval
    Once we have the CLC, we can apply for the Building and Plumbing Permits from the relevant council.
  15. Commence Construction
    Once we have received the Building and Plumbing Permits, and confirmation of your finance approval, your job is ready to commence construction. We prepare your file to hand over to one of our Project Managers, who will then be your point of contact during the build.
  16. Time for Completion
    A single-storey dwelling is 100-120 working days from the Builder commencing the building works.
    A double-storey dwelling is 120-140 working days from the Builder commencing the building works.

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